Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu martial arts is influenced from nine ryu-ha of which Hatsumi Soke is the inheritor of. The nine ryu-ha are:

  1. Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu | Hidden Door School 1161 | 戸隠流忍法体術
  2. Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu | Jewel Tiger School 1156 | 玉虎流骨指術
  3. Kukishinden Ryu Happo Bikenjutsu | Nine Demon School 1336 | 九鬼神伝流八法秘剣術
  4. Koto Ryu Koppojutsu | Tiger Knocking Down School 1532 | 虎倒流骨法術
  5. Shinden Fudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu | Immovable Heart School 1113 | 神伝不動流打拳体術
  6. Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu | High Tree, Raised Heart School 1625 | 高木揚心流柔体術
  7. Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu | Truth, Loyalty, and Justice School 1558 | 義鑑流骨法術
  8. Gyokushin Ninpo Taijutsu | Jeweled Heart School 1532 | 玉心流忍法体術
  9. Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu | Hiding in the Clouds School 1532 | 雲隠流忍法体術 ​

It is the culmination of these nine ryu that Dr. Hatsumi used as the basis for the Bujinkan. Three of the nine ryu are of ninpo decent (Togakure Ryu, Kumogakure Ryu, & Gyokushin Ryu), making the history of the Bujinkan slightly more difficult to understand without proper historical interpretation by an authentic teacher.

Although students are taught multiple techniques from the nine ryu, Dr. Hatsumi teaches the culmination of these lineages as one martial arts body, of which he has titled "Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu". Therefore, students of the Dayton Bujinkan Dojo are tested & licensed in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, not the specific lineages.

The Bujinkan Guidelines from the Bujinkan Honbu (headquarters) in Japan, are applicable to all students and teachers. Students should agree to these guidelines before joining the Dayton Bujinkan Dojo Martial Arts School. As defined and written by Hatsumi Sensei, Soke of the Bujinkan, the guidelines are:

  1. The Bujinkan shall be open to only those who agree with and uphold the guidelines of the Bujinkan Dojo. Those not doing so shall not be allowed to join. Specifically: Only those who have read and agreed with these guidelines shall be allowed to participate.​
  2. Only those able to exercise true patience, self-control, and dedication shall be allowed to participate.
  3. A physician's examination report may be required. Specifically, individuals with mental illness, drug addiction, or mentally instability shall be barred from joining. The necessity of such a report concerns individuals who may present a danger to others, for example, those with infectious diseases or illnesses, individuals with clinically abnormal personalities or physiology, and individuals lacking self-control.
  4. Individuals with criminal records shall be turned away.
  5. Trouble makers, those who commit crimes, and those living in Japan who break domestic laws shall be turned away.
  6. Those not upholding the guidelines of the Bujinkan, either as practitioners or as members of society, by committing disgraceful or reproachable acts shall be expelled.

The tradition of the Bujinkan recognizes nature and the universality of all human life, and is aware of that which flows naturally between the two parts:

  1. "The secret principle of Taijutsu is to know the foundations of peace."
  2. "To study is the path to the immovable heart (fudoshin)."

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The Dayton Bujinkan Dojo Martial Arts School is a private facility but accepts inquiries year-round. Membership is limited.

Note: Because of the nature of martial arts training, a physician's examination report, psychological exam, background check, or screening may be required. Only those able to exercise true patience, self-control, and dedication shall be allowed to participate. Accepted students must agree to training guidelines, pay membership fees and adhere to the rules of the Bujinkan. Individuals with mental illness, drug addiction, or mental instability shall be barred from joining. Individuals with criminal records shall be turned away.

Introductions and tours are available by appointment only during class time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Use the form below to begin the process.